Dead people have no rights

Families of homicide victims gathered recently to discuss their individual, unique situation and difficulties seeking assistance from officials in many areas of the country.  Especially difficult is when the crime or death occurred in a different state than their residence, or the residence of the family, according to the group.

                Ken Lang, author and homicide investigator, spoke to the gathering.  He talked about the work of the first to respond and their task of gathering evidence. 

                “We must keep details close so that the criminal does not know how to pose their story and often that may appear as refusing to cooperate with the victim’s relatives, but prosecution comes first in our work”, Lang explained.

                In answer to a question from a family, Lang explained how to request information, where to go for assistance, and when you think the detective is not fair or cooperative, “go up the chain of command, ask to speak to his sergeant”, then, Lang went on to identify the “chain of command” in most local police departments as; detective, sergeant, lieutenant then Chief of Police. He did add that when all these fail, then look to the political, elected officials to intervene. But, he cautioned, the latter (elected officials) should be used as a last resort source.

                “Dead people have no rights”, Lang stated, “when you die, all your rights die with you, that is why it is important to have a reliable next of kin identified who can speak for you in case of a disabling accident or death”.

                The following found at Fox News online: (News Core, 2011) Dead man appeals his murder conviction

                Fox News web site September 29, 2011 quoted Spokane County prosecutor, Mark Lindsey in a recent Washington State case of a prisoner    found dead in his cell while awaiting an appeal on murder conviction, “The right to appeal a criminal conviction is solely for an individual”.

                However, according to the News Core article, Devlin’s sister, Leslee is of the opinion that she can continue the appeal because she believes he was innocent and wants to clear his name.

                “An attorney in the matter, Gregory Link, representing Devlin says a recent decision by the state Supreme Court may pave the way for the appeal.  The court found that if a defendant dies while a case is on appeal, anstanding to pursue investigation on behalf of their relative in cases of sudden death, unattended death and suspicious circumstances surrounding a death.other person can be substituted in his or her place to oversee issues regarding restitution and the conviction itself”, according to the Fox News online article.

                Perhaps this Washington State Supreme Court case could be a template for allowing certain blood related family members to become involved in, or instigate  police investigations.

Ken Lang, author of Walking among the dead  wrote his book to detail what happens after the 911 call is logged.  Unrelated to the Who Dunit crime stories, this book goes into the behind-the-scene.  It is a  most interesting read and informative as well as entertaining.

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  1. […] Fast forward to 2012; April 9, 2012 article, Coroner’s care in  times of tragedy by Chris Gregory.  “Citizen coroner, Andrew Bradley was appointed coroner in 1989 after 10 years as a criminal and family law solicitor in Basingstoke“, according to the article in He said: “I’m not sure why they appointed me because I knew absolutely nothing about it. (referring to his new career as coroner) But from a personality point of view, they felt I was the right person for the job, and I hope they have not been mistaken. […]



  2. I understand what you are saying, here, but I thought murder was a crime against the state. If a person is murdered, the state is required to prosecute, according to law, whether the dead victim has any living people who loved and cared about him. Is that not true?
    I mean, if the state does not prosecute a murder, just on principle, just because it was a murder and that is against us ALL, then a murderer is running loose to do the same thing again, is that not how it is?
    Or am I confused?
    Thanks for all your efforts to make right be done. I live nowhere near PA, but this could happen anywhere, in fact, has happened and does happen lots of places.



    • Thank you for visiting Justice for Raymond. Like you, our family does not live in PA, but we left our retirement home to return to MD so that we could attend these proceedings.

      I have asked for a re-examination of the death, especially due to the toxicology reports that were redacted in one instance, and a strange notation that no one claims to have written on another.

      Pennsylvania has an antiquated coroner system and they refuse to examine the many errors in the autopsy of Ray. Many promises, but no action.

      There will be a documentary soon. It will be posted here.

      Again, thank you for your kind words. We are as confused as you.

      To answer your thought on investigation, the lethal chemical that was found in Ray’s blood is highly controlled and a very few places where it is available – most are manufacturing or compounding laboratories. CDC requires all events with this chemical be reported and they would have investigated. However, it has never been reported. That leaves one to suspect that someone else in the neighborhood could become a victim to this if it is still out there – somewhere….



      • Wow. I guess I thought this was obvious: The chemicals are readily available at public schools and guess who worked at a public school.
        It could easily be that the chemicals were obtained in one state and administered in another, making it a matter for the FBI, I’d think. Hmm.



  3. Admiring the dedication you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed information. Fantastic read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.



  4. […] parties to sign and son for Darlene Zachry witnessed her sign the document and Katharine Mackie, sister of Raymond Zachry witnessed for her mother, Shirley Sanservino.  The document was copied for each and later filed […]



  5. […] friends of Raymond Zachry and followers of Justice for Raymond and have commented here, Facebook and private email that the recent turn […]



  6. Posted by Marguerite on September 30, 2011 at 8:48 am

    If dead people have no rights, why then, in some cases, is anyone tried for their murder? Courts, attorneys, witnesses, and family members act on their behalf after they are order to carry out their rights, and justice..



    • According to my research, the charge for murder is for an act that was committed while the “person” was still living. Once that “person” is no longer alive – they have no rights other than those given to another alive person who is acting in his/her behalf to fulfull the wishes they directed in a valid will. This seemingly narrow interpretation of person is somewhat discussed in the unborn. Not fair – either way.



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