When trouble comes calling

Mason-Dixon Monument - Delaware / Maryland

Mason-Dixon Monument – Delaware / Maryland (Photo credit: Dougtone)

Trouble is not something we would expect to arrive at our address. But it did, and as my luck happens – they get a postponement.

In the past five years I have been stood up in court more times than a mass murderer.

I am beginning to feel like a wall flower at the senior prom.

Different circumstances, but I still end up in court, subpoenaed as a witness to one of the most unreal situations I have ever witnessed.

My husband and I are living in a rural area at the very northern tip of Maryland, where Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware are separated by the Mason-Dixon Line.  (There are still some markers around)  We are about 65 miles from Philadelphia and 45 miles from Baltimore, 15 miles from the nearest town.  You get the picture – it is the home of peace and quiet.  There are two other houses within a half mile or so.

A few weeks ago the usually quiet day was disturbed about mid-day by an extremely loud voice that seemed to be saying “I am going to knock all your teeth out!”

That was an attention getter.

I took my cell phone and went to my front door.  It was open, only a storm door separated me from the voice that was continuing the diatribe of profanity and promises of bodily harm to another man. Both were in my driveway.  I did not know either man.

From my vantage point, I could see my lower driveway was blocked by a small black sedan, and the man making the threats was running like a deer toward the open passenger door.  He stopped only to pick up a stone to throw at the man (#2) still in my driveway, walking toward the car with a baseball bat in hand.

I had a sinking feeling this was trouble and I was alone, hubby nowhere to be found.

I went into the garage for a better view from the open garage door; probably not a good idea.

The men in the sedan continued their obscenity laced threats – then suddenly drove away.  Before I could decide if it was now safe….only one man with a baseball bat remained in my driveway; the little black sedan returned.

Two men got out of the car, the scene started again. All were throwing stones, yelling obscenities and threats. Now the passenger in the auto has a baseball bat.

I called 911.  The operator could hear the yelling; she would send a police officer, local sheriff in our case. She offered to stay on the line until the police arrive.  I was relieved to have someone in the real world on the phone.

It seemed to be forever and no police.  Then, I saw a truck slowly coming from the back road that connected to my lower driveway.  It was the farmer who lived nearby. Someone had called him that there was trouble.

The farmer drove to my upper driveway entrance (I have a circular drive) and parked, got out and told the men from the car to leave.  They did not leave; they drove up to block the truck and continued their attack.

Suddenly it seemed my front yard, the road and drive was full of men carrying baseball bats and yelling obscenities, throwing stones.

The men in the black sedan would leave, return and the scene continued.  Man #2 walked up to the sedan and hit it with his bat and told the men to leave and don’t come back.  The driver began to waive his arm out the open window – man #2 hit the arm with his baseball bat.

I could hear a crack – and my heart sank.  Dear God what is going on?

That seemed to persuade the two men to leave.  Everyone went back to their day.  I still had no idea what had just happened in my front yard and driveway.

By that time the sheriff was on the way and stopped the car, turned it around and brought it back to my yard and talked to the two men. Then, another sheriff car arrived and went to find man #2, then leave.  They do not talk to me…..and everyone leaves.

Later, I do hear the real story.

Man #2 was a friend of the farmer who lives behind my house.  The farmer invited man #2 to stop by and pick some sweet corn from a huge garden he plants each year. Man #2 lives about 20 miles away.

While driving to the farmer’s garden, man #2 encounters the black sedan driving erratically on the county road he was traveling.  They swerved toward man #2’s truck in an attempt to run him off the road.  There was a stop sign ahead and while stopped there, one of the men came out of the black car, struck man #2 with a knife and tossed an open container of soda into his truck.

He was able to get away and thought he had lost them by taking another twisting and turning road to the farm.  But no sooner had he arrived, the car stopped at the end of my driveway and one of the men walked down the lane in search of man #2.

Then, the fiasco started in my yard and drive.

All over; not yet.  I am now subpoenaed to court which was Thursday.  I am witness, along with the farmer for the state in the case that I called to report.

I arrived at the court, and who would have figured this – it was postponed due to a conflict of interest.  One court appointed attorney is not allowed to represent both men who were charged. Wow! And it has taken an appearance in court to discover that!

I did learn in court the two men were from Essex, Maryland, near Baltimore.  What they were doing in my neighborhood with a knife and baseball bats, that is still a question. Perhaps I will learn the rest of the story if and when it goes to court.

Not keeping score, but my average of court appearances must be a record for postponement.

The next day in court in Pennsylvania is scheduled for November 20, 2012.  What are the odds it too will be re-scheduled?

If you follow this blog you will understand the postponement and re-scheduled appearances in Montgomery County Pennsylvania in the case of the widow of my son.  All others who may be interested– the details are HERE: www.denied-justice.com

14 responses to this post.

  1. What a wild experience! I’m glad you came out the other side, but I’m dismayed at the legal mess you have to deal with. You have enough on your plate already.
    Hang in there, okay?



    • You betcha I will hang in there.

      I had so much pleasure watching those teenies in court(just turned 18) sitting beside a mad as hell poppa as he saw all of us old geesers walk into the court. I imagine the sons went home telling daddy they were accosted by a mad gang of farmers and then reality walked into the court room. Any wonder why the court appointed lawyer immediately found reason for a re-schedule while he composed himself and reshuffled the stack of stuff. I heard the father tell one of the perps, “get that smirk off your face, you could be facing some stiff time here! If the judge has a commedian walk in here – you are not to smile, hear me!” Loved it….certainly didn’t see any stone throwing, dancing in the street or baseball bats anywhere. these were two meek and calm perps.



  2. How scary! I am a pacifist and hate screaming and shouting! Happy you are okay!



    • I feel the same way. We like it quiet – that is why we live where we are. When I heard the loud, angry voices i knew something was wrong, We live in an area of large farms, horses; many farmers travel our road, but not many strangers.

      I am fine, more cautious now.



  3. Posted by Jonny Carlos on November 18, 2012 at 10:26 am

    God Bless.xXx



  4. Posted by freethewronged on November 18, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Reblogged this on Upside Down and commented:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)



    • Thank you for the re-blog. It was a frightening experience and I probably should have managed it differently. I wonder why these teenagers were 50 miles from home and traveling with a knife and baseball bat. I will have to testify.

      One observation, the local sheriff did NOT stop by my house and ask/tell me anything. I received the subpoenae in the mail
      and talking with the farmer/neighbor I discovered that the second man was invited to the neighbors property.



  5. Oh dear! That sounds scary! You sure do come up with some interesting stuff to share!



  6. Oh my! And they claim women are the crazy and irrational ones. Really? Your life is an adventure, Shirley! 🙂



    • True. My daughter believes the two men from Baltimore were out looking for a place to rob and found this man.

      I met the #2 man and his wife at the court – he is elderly 65 + and walks with a cane. She is probably close in age but in better physical shape. They are not the type to go looking for a fight with 18 year olds.

      The re-schedule was due to the court assigning the same defense attorney to both young men, then claimed conflict of interest.

      As you say, I can have more adventure than I ever wanted by just writing on my computer and growing flowers and vegs in a garden.



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