When is abortion a medical procedure, and when is it murder?

Abortion, some say it is a woman’s right, others are sickened by the thought of murdering a human baby fresh out of the mother’s body. Street demonstrations for abortion, against abortion, still the real horror of what happens inside the clinic is seldom described in media coverage.

Personally I believed the brain-wash media propaganda that abortion was to save the life of the mother.  However I could never understand why a woman who didn’t want another child wouldn’t just use one of the many types of birth control; lacking that, become sterilized by tubular surgery.

The current lack of media coverage of the ‘baby killer’, Dr. Kermit Gosnell is unusual.  Other than a few cable and network news sources (main stream media) little has been said of the carnage that was carried out in the abortion clinic of Gosnell.

Many of us are old enough to remember the Vietnam War protesters who called the military ‘baby killers’, they would throw packets containing urine, spit upon on soldiers as they arrived home until they were forced to travel in civilian clothes.    The attack on the military went on for years, even when the War on Terror became unfavorable, the same group that ignore the latest ‘baby killer’ abortion Dr. Gosnell,  the military is accused of murder of civilians, including children in Afghanistan.

Why is one a crime and another a ‘right’?

David Kupelian of World Net Daily has an outstanding story that explains this gaping difference – the lack of media coverage of Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s murderous rampage against helpless babies and the current media attention to the current ‘baby killer’.

“Have you wondered why the jury in the Kermit Gosnell multiple-baby-murder trial in Philadelphia is taking such a long time reaching a verdict?

This may be the real reason why:

            For most of us, the death of a child is just about the most tragic event we can imagine.

The Sandy Hook massacre was so overwhelmingly gut-wrenching because the victims were mostly young children. Likewise, news reports about the Boston Marathon bombing emphasize the fact that, of the three people killed, one was an 8-year-old boy – as if to highlight the uniquely great loss of a child.

In the world of crime, one of the most incomprehensible acts is baby-murder. We’re outraged at the widespread sex-selective infanticide of newborn girls in China. And recent headlines like “Georgia boys face murder charges after cold-blooded killing of infant being strolled by mother” and “Black teens murder white baby for the fun of it” cause us to shake our heads and wonder, How could anyone possibly sink so low as to kill a baby?”

Kuplian continues to explain why he believes no reporters were in the court room for the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell:

“In this strange parallel world, the same killing of a baby that in the real world outrages us and results in prosecution, prison and possibly execution (or lifetime confinement in a high-security psychiatric lockup for the criminally insane) is mysteriously transformed into a “medical procedure” and “constitutional right,” provided for and fiercely defended by a multi-billion-dollar industry. And, funded by taxpayers.

These two worlds have collided in the trial of abortionists Kermit Gosnell. And when worlds collide, spectacular and utterly unexpected things sometimes occur.

The collision of these two warring worlds in the Gosnell case – the one world where killing a baby is a capital crime, and the other where killing the same baby is a “woman’s fundamental right” – forces us to confront an all-important question: Where did the killing occur??

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/05/the-insanity-of-the-gosnell-baby-murder-trial/#FU7KCVWCmqk04yBE.99


6 responses to this post.

  1. Very important issue. I believe the Bible clearly reveals to us the will of God in the matter. ANY killing of a child is wrong, whether the child is in the womb or outside the womb, whether in times of war or peace. The posting you have shared simply shows to us the way that we all, as fallen mankind, try to justify our sins. May the Lord has mercy on our country and on each one of us that remain silent on the issue.



    • Thank you for commenting on this important issue. Now that some media have chosen to publicize the story perhaps the horror of abortion will considered prior to opting for the procedure to end a human life.

      God bless



  2. Such a thoughtful post! People are conveniently silent on this Dr Kermit Gosnell… This world is such a baffling place! Thanks for the Reblog of my post!



  3. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on May 10, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    Hmm, a brave write up indeed, Ray’s Mom.

    I had never heard anything about the black kids killing a white baby etc – those headlines were indeed horrific.

    For me, I was offered abortion because of my mental state & I didn’t simply because I could not bear to extinguish a spirit fired within my womb. I planned – literally, honestly, truly – to bear the human being and then adopt out (which is why i began the journal to my child – so they would know of their mother, from where they had come). So, abortion I couldn’t do despite how petrified depressed etc i was, but I do, I do believe that it is up to the woman YET I believe SUPPORT, EDUCATION, CARE, LOVE is necessary – not abuse, throwing things at them etc etc.

    I was utterly, utterly alone, suicidal like you cannot imagine, & now I have a 17yo man in my flat, I’m teaching him to drive, have intelligent conversations with him, see his joys and experiences. I personally, could not abort, and I’m glad I didn’t do as the doctor offered. Yet, again: it’s a personal choice.



    • The decision you made was the one you felt in your heart was right for you. I am so glad it worked. Abortion is legally the choice of the mother. I can’t say that I would agree with it – but as you made your decision from your heart, everyone must make that same choice.

      God bless you and your son.



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