Second video shows Planned Parenthood doc haggling over price of fetal body parts

A new undercover video shows a top Planned Parenthood official discussing “less crunchy” techniques to get “whole specimens” and haggling over the price of fetus tissue sales because she wants “a Lamborghini.”

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SHOCK VIDEO: Planned Parenthood sells dead baby body parts | Fox News

The video is gruesome and appalling.

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How long before the sale of human body parts is stopped?  We have reported case after case and no one seems to care – until it comes home to their family.

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Did A Doctor Poison His Wife’s Coffee?

Maybe marrying a doctor isn’t such a great idea.

A Tennessee woman filed an emergency protective order today against her husband, an infectious disease doctor, after tests of her coffee yielded ev

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Pa. woman posed as lawyer for more than a decade: cops

Kimberly Kitchen allegedly forged her law license, bar exam results and a law school email to gain a job at BMZ Law.


More non-existing oversight in Pennsylvania.  Coroner, judges and now lawyers.  Time for Pennsylvania voters to take note and demand qualifications for all elected and appointed officials – and include lawyers!

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Iraq Envoy to UN: Islamic State Might be Harvesting Organs

Iraq’s ambassador to the United Nations asked the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday to look at allegations that the Islamic State group is using organ harvesting as a way to finance its operations.Ambassador Mohamed Alhakim told reporters that in the past few weeks, bodies…


Organ harvesting is not a new idea….how many more people will be murdered for their organs?

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Huge Prescriber of Risky Antipsychotic Drug to Plead Guilty to Taking Kickbacks

Dr. Michael Reinstein has been the subject of two ProPublica investigations. For years, even while under federal investigation, he prescribed more of the drug clozapine than any other doctor in the United States.


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Wonderful advice for the beginning of a new year

Re-posting a post I discovered on a blog by Andrew Igbineweka

The post offered very good advice, so much that I thought it would work for our followers.

Originally posted on Retkon Poet:

Darling, there’s a few things
I’ve learned toiling away
on this Earth, that’ve made
a blue-collar, street
smart scholar of my earlier

You may not have immediately
noticed it, but there’s been
a few trips to
Hell and back

touching devilish
walls in amazement,
stonework arrangements in
mercurial halls,
yet my modest
shawl was not
enough to keep me
warm in
their presence.

These are lessons excavated
from those uncharted depths,
where pieces of me got
caught in their
sympathies and were left like
meat for hungry wolves.

Don’t grab bulls by their
horns if you desire no
new appreciations for

The only true victor
in war is he who doesn’t
care who’s winner, so long as
quarrels continue.

Truth is
one perspective, and no
mortal possesses it, only their
own version of facts.

Sarcasm is
the coin flip of humour, and the only
rumours worth…

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An award from a dear follower

Carrie Reimer, who blogs at Lady With A Truck has nominated Justice For Raymond for the award, Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Thank you Carrie for your continued encouragement and support during these many years we have searched for the source of the lethal poison that caused the death of my son Raymond Marc Zachry.vibloggeraward

Raymond Marc Zachry

Raymond Marc Zachry

Thank you so much Carrie for your encouragement.

God Bless You and all the WordPress family of bloggers in 2015.

Ray’s Mom

December 29 is National “Get on the Scales Day”

What a plan for 2015. Wouldn’t it be great to be a slimmer version of yourself in 2016? I am working on it.

Foodimentary - National Food Holidays

Here are today’s five fitness tips:

  • Instead of eating straight out of the box, pre-portion your snacks into small individual baggies.
  • Skip dessert and instead have a roll in the hay with your honey. Healthy sex may also help control the amount of food you eat.
  • Be sure to stock some red pepper flakes to your pantry. When eaten early in the day, red pepper can reduce the amount of food you consumer later.
  • Many of us hit the gym and eat right during the week but cut loose on the weekends by indulging in fried foods and trading in workouts for sleep. Be healthy seven days a week by planning your weekend ahead of time.
  • Who said healthy foods have to be boring? Puree peaches, pears and berries and spread them on wheat pita for a healthy and delish treat that’s perfect for spring and summer!


Today’s Pinterest…

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Map: The most-stolen vehicle in every state

Why are car thieves so in love with Honda Accords?


Ford F series pickups and Chevrolet Silverados were the number one and number two most stolen vehicles.


……. "those vehicles are stolen not to drive but to sell for parts", according to NICB spokesperson.


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