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Finally,  one for the victim of an untrained coroner and her criminal theft of body parts from deceased persons. 

I wrote about a medical examiner from Oneida County Wisconsin who was caught red-handed stealing spinal  bones, organs and tissue from bodies entrusted to her care in the Oneida County morgue?

Traci England, medical examiner, apparently thought she would never have to face criminal charges for her theft from deceased persons since she was a coroner – elected by the public and serving at their pleasure.  Coroners and medical examiners create their own rules, operate with immunity from prosecution and can’t be removed from office or charged with crimes against dead people…so Ms. England must have thought, since few have ever been successfully prosecuted.

However, Judge Leon Stenz found her guilty of two felony charges of misdemeanor in office.  In a plea deal England will only have to pay restitution of $5,100.00 to the victim families and serve one year in jail.

The reason for her theft:  England was training her dog as a cadaver dog and used the bones to train it to search for bodies.

According to My Fox Wausau news, “Her attorney has said England had an “altruistic, innocent intent” in her actions”.

 Tracy England, former medical examiner has no qualifying education for the position of coroner or medical examiner that was mentioned in any published news coverage.

However, an ex-coroner from Elmore County, Alabama wasn’t so lucky.  Timothy Ellison was sentenced to “four years on ethics violations, four years on theft and another year for a second theft charge”, according to Times Daily

Ellison must have done something really bad for all those years in jail.  Perhaps steal a whole cadaver, the mayor’s lunch money?

No, Ellison “overcharged the county, state and several municipalities  for transporting dead bodies”, according to Times Daily.

A co-conspirator, director of a local funeral parlor was similarly charged and sentenced to one year of probation.

However, the severe sentence of Ellison was suspended, and he was ordered to serve nine months in jail and two years of probation and pay $8,000.00 restitution.

There must be an independent oversight committee of the business of death.  Not a politically appointed position for the crony of the governor or county commission – rather a representative board of citizens from the community with the power to subpoena records, investigate sudden, unattended death – especially under suspicious circumstances.

One state severely charges and sentenced a coroner for mishandling county, state funds and another state gives a slap on the wrist for stealing body parts.

What do you suppose would cause the most harm and grief for the family of the deceased?  Overcharge for transporting the body or stealing parts of their loved ones body?







Shoddy forensic science and bogus forensic scientists

Ray's Mom:

How do we know so-called professionals actually have the credentials they claim to have? How do we know the schools they list actually exist? Where is the oversight on this specialty?

Originally posted on Forensic Scientist:

I noted this very interesting article in the Washington Post.  There was a significant case in England a few years ago when exactly the sort of dodgy forensic scientist to which this article refers was convicted of, basically, being a conman.  Details of that are in this blog’s post entitled “Why to check an Expert’s credentials”

“Shoddy Forensic Science: Fact and Fiction, Stephen Lowman, Washington Post, 10 September 2009

While most of Washington was preparing yesterday for President Obama’s speech to Congress on health care, a handful of Senators and a crowd of thriller enthusiasts were pondering a more ghoulish subject.

At the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art, author Kathy Reichs — whose books inspired television’s “Bones” series — was holding forth on “The Magic of Forensics and Fiction.” On Capitol Hill, meanwhile, the Senate Judiciary Committee was engaged in a hearing into how to improve U.S. forensic science.


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Claims against former Richmond County coroner detailed | The Augusta Chronicle

Georgia is taking steps to remedy the situation of stolen assets of deceased persons who end up in the coroner’s office, so says the new coroner, Mark Bowen who claims he has “amended department policy on the handling personal property”.

With no oversight board, regulations being handled by the National Association of Coroners and being a political office what do you personally believe will happen to this perpetrator?

Corruption is rampant everywhere there is no enforceable penalty.

Read the whole story here: Claims against former Richmond County coroner detailed | The Augusta Chronicle.

Deputies: Mother confesses to poisoning baby three times before his death

Ray's Mom:

“In October 2012 the baby’s father, Cesar Ruiz, told Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s detectives he had put rum in his son’s feeding tube to relieve his suffering inside Oschner Hospital’s pediatric unit. The baby was waiting for heart surgery.”
The sheriff’s office says Lucas died on Jan. 24. According to a coroner’s report, his blood alcohol level was at .280 — four times the legal limit.

The sheriff’s office also confirms Wigstrom confessed to poisoning her son’s feeding tube three times. Authorities say she confessed to using rum, perfume and most recently hand sanitizer.

Originally posted on The Matter of Life and Death:

See on Scoop.itCorrupt elected officials, unqualified coroner

A Belle Chasse mother now faces a murder charge in the poisoning death of her infant son. Erika Wigstrom appeared in magistrate court on Wednesday. The 20-year-old allegedly confessed to tampering with her baby’s feeding tube three times.

Shirley Sanservino‘s insight:

Finally a case will be investigated. But, why didn’t someone report this on the first or second instance of tampering with the baby’s feeding tube?

See on www.wwltv.com

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Experts: Case of burned Texas boy problematic

A shocking case and possibly the person who burned this youngster 13 years ago may never be tried.

CONROE, Texas (AP) – Now that prosecutors have persuaded a judge that a Texas man accused of setting an 8-year-old boy on fire as a teenager can be tried as an adult for murder, securing a conviction in a case where the victim died 13 years after the attack could prove difficult, legal experts say.

Don Willburn Collins was 13 when Robert Middleton was attacked in 1998 on his eighth birthday, near the younger boy’s home in Splendora, about 35 miles northeast of Houston. Middleton was burned across 99 percent of his body and endured years of physical therapy before he died in 2011 from skin cancer blamed on his burns.

Will his perpetrator of the heinous crime be prosecuted as an adult now 13 years later?  Read more by following this link.

Experts: Case of burned Texas boy problematic – Washington Times.



New details emerge after Elmore Co. coroner, funeral home director indicted

“New details emerge after Elmore Co. coroner, funeral home direct indicted…”

Elmore County, Alabama grand jury handed down an 11-count indictment for criminal behavior of the Elmore County Coroner, Tim Ellison and a co-defendant, Yancey Mitchell recently. Their charges originated in overcharges to several cities for transporting bodies to the Department of Forensics.

A local funeral director, Yancey Mitchell was charged for aiding and abetting Tim Ellison, coroner in a scheme to defraud the local government by overcharging for transporting bodies.

Local WSFA- 12 News reports Elmore County Commission decided it would benefit  them to place future business  of transporting bodies with an outside contractor rather than go through the office of the coroner.

Telephone number for Elmore County Coroner is same as the number for Martin Funeral Home in Wetumpka, AL.  Strange that a county office would have the same telephone number as local business.

Death investigation must separate itself from for-profit agencies.  Coroners and medical examiners must come under federal regulation, their ‘errors’ and criminal operations must bear a huge penalty.

Have you followed the many posts regarding stolen body parts by coroners and medical examiners?  It is quite gruesome, but everyone should educate themselves.

Ray’s birthday today

Raymond Zachry hiking in the mountains of Tennessee

Raymond Zachry hiking in the mountains of Tennessee

Today Ray would be celebrating his 54th birthday. Instead he is deceased, his voice silenced by some unknown method, death investigators still refuse to acknowledge or search for the source of the lethal chemical that caused his untimely death 7 years ago in Souderton, PA.

Even though the rules for investigation of a sudden, unattended death are clear and published for anyone to research and furnished to all law enforcement organizations – these rules were not followed, the coroner refuses to cooperate. Unfortunately, coroners/medical examiners make their own rules, have no qualifications and no oversight without the permission of guess who? The coroner.

This must change. A patchwork of unqualified people acting as coroner, testifying in homicide cases, and conducting autopsies, does this give reason to think about all the wrongful deaths that are never examined or investigated?

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